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Workers Comp

Charlotte Worker’s Compensation Attorney

The primary purpose of Worker’s Compensation Law is not only to provide a swift and certain remedy to an injured worker, but also to ensure a limited and determinate liability for employers. Although the Act may represent a compromise of sorts, the aim is to provide compensation for workers who suffer disability by accident arising out of and during the course of employment. Generally, there are three categories of benefits available to injured workers/claimants: (1) payment of related and necessary medical expenses; (2) 2/3 of wages for all time out of work as a result of the injury; and (3) rating or wage differential benefits after maximum medical improvement.

The Worker’s Compensation Act does not allow for an award of pain and suffering, nor is the Act tailored to address every possible loss suffered by an employee as a result of a workplace injury. The Act does not provide for an administrative decision that disposes of the claim totally through the award of a lump sum of money. If an agreement is not reached with an insurance company during mediation, the claimant will not receive a lump sum.

In light of the potentially serious financial straits that confront worker’s compensation claimants, Attorney White endeavors to provide stability, empathy and a keen understanding of their situation to fight on behalf of his clients for whatever compensation they are due for their loss of earning capacity. Benefit from Attorney White’s 20 years of experience in personal injury matters; put him to work for you as your Worker’s Compensation attorney.

 Attorney White represented me in an auto accident me where I was involved in a head-on collision with someone driving the wrong way. I had initial issues with the other person's insurance company, as well as with my own. While we were in litigation, my insurance company was supposed to pay me for the difference between my regular salary and disability benefits, then recoup their money from the other insurance company. After reviewing my policy, Mr. White found that my insurance was not fulfilling their contractual obligation. 

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