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Landlord/Tenant Attorney

Charlotte Landlord/Tenant Attorney

Generally, Landlord/Tenant law governs the relationship between parties who have entered an agreement to lease or rent commercial or residential space for a specified amount of time for an agreed upon rental amount. Typically, the parties signed a lease which reduced the scope of their agreement to writing and controls should any questions, discrepancies, or disputes arise about respective rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties.

Aside from the lease provisions, North Carolina has very distinct laws which define the landlord and tenant’s rights with regard to the leased residential premises. Once entitlement to continued possession becomes an issue in Court proceedings, the party pursuing legal redress must follow detailed steps to ensure his or her rights are protected, and, ultimately, to prevail.

Attorney White is experienced in navigating the nuanced steps necessary to enforce or protect the rights of those parties embroiled in summary ejectment or eviction proceedings – both landlord and tenant – in Mecklenburg, Gaston and Union Counties. Benefit from the 20 years’ experience that Charlotte landlord/tenant attorney Christopher White wields.

 Attorney White represented me in an auto accident me where I was involved in a head-on collision with someone driving the wrong way. I had initial issues with the other person's insurance company, as well as with my own. While we were in litigation, my insurance company was supposed to pay me for the difference between my regular salary and disability benefits, then recoup their money from the other insurance company. After reviewing my policy, Mr. White found that my insurance was not fulfilling their contractual obligation. 

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