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How to Work With Your Lawyer

How to Work With Your Lawyer

The Key to a Stress Free Legal Experience

Contrary to what you might think, working with an attorney should not be an unpleasant experience. In fact, if you have done your homework and chosen a capable legal professional to represent you, delivering a favorable settlement in your case depends in large part on the relationship you cultivate with your attorney.  The path you take to arrive at a settlement is just as important as the outcome itself.

Keep Communication Open

It is up to you and your attorney to keep a free flowing line of communication open.  As it relates to your case be sure to keep your counsel abreast of everything associated with your care, treatment, and life, including those items that you believe may prove to be obstacles in your case. It helps to thoroughly document important details and to keep copies of what you pass along to your attorney.

Always Be Honest

Your attorney should also endeavor to provide you with regular status updates and make it a point to be accessible to answer any questions no matter how minor they might seem at first glance.  It is only through full and honest disclosure that your attorney may fully prepare to represent you.  Your attorney cannot make any promises regarding settlement or outcomes, but should provide open, honest and genuine answers to your concerns or issues.  Your attorney should always treat you with respect and empathy.   

Respond Promptly

Respond to your attorney’s requests for information with thorough details presented in a timely manner.  Nothing hurts your case more than incomplete fulfillment of your assigned tasks submitted after any agreed upon delivery dates.  If you do not submit information punctually, then your chances of a successful settlement may be significantly reduced, if not, lost forever.

A good attorney can only be as effective as the quality of the partnership the two of you promote.  If you do not take ownership of your responsibility in your case, then you are giving up control of any possible advantageous resolution.  

 Attorney White represented me in an auto accident me where I was involved in a head-on collision with someone driving the wrong way. I had initial issues with the other person's insurance company, as well as with my own. While we were in litigation, my insurance company was supposed to pay me for the difference between my regular salary and disability benefits, then recoup their money from the other insurance company. After reviewing my policy, Mr. White found that my insurance was not fulfilling their contractual obligation. 

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