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Guide to Selecting a Law Firm

Guide to Selecting a Lawfirm

Participation in a lawsuit or significant legal action can prove to be stressful, so selecting the right lawyer and firm to represent your interests can help to reduce anxiety and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.  The right firm will provide a mix of benefits both experiential and process-oriented that will smooth the road to your settlement.

Focused Experience

In addition to basic legal certifications and general experience, the right firm will have associates possessing knowledge and experience in the specific area matching your needs.

Court Experience

Should your case require address in the local courts, make sure the firm and lawyer you choose have measurable courtroom experience. 

Client Centered Process

A great legal experience starts with a lawyer who is willing to help you better understand the details of your case and map out probable outcomes.  Adopting the position of a practitioner-guide inspires trust and peace of mind. To accomplish this your lawyer should proactively and comprehensively explain your rights; craft a sound legal strategy; keep you informed of any developments; make you feel like the most important client; zealously pursue any monies you are entitled to and not accept any attorney fee unless he or she wins or settles your case.


The lawyer you work with should disclose all fees and payment terms associated with the management of your case.  This exposé should include the likelihood of potential unplanned fees down the road.


A firm that fits will ensure that the associate responsible for your case is available when you need and has the capacity to focus on your engagement.  A firm that leverages today’s best of class technology is best positioned to be accessible and able to efficiently respond to your inquiries and needs.

To find the right legal partner ask trusted friends for referrals, visit your local bar association’s website referral section and check your college alumni directory for leads. Once you have compiled your list of candidates take time to interview each keeping in mind the factors above. At the end of the day it is not firm size that should be your decisioning lever; experience, skill, client focus and overall process are far more important in the end. 

 Attorney White represented me in an auto accident me where I was involved in a head-on collision with someone driving the wrong way. I had initial issues with the other person's insurance company, as well as with my own. While we were in litigation, my insurance company was supposed to pay me for the difference between my regular salary and disability benefits, then recoup their money from the other insurance company. After reviewing my policy, Mr. White found that my insurance was not fulfilling their contractual obligation. 

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