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Case Settlement 101

Case Settlement 101

If you are injured, through no fault of our own, in an accident there are a number of variables that can affect the settlement you receive.  Prior to determining your settlement, it is important to follow these important steps to prepare the settlement assessment process

  • Obtain the health care and treatment you need to recover
  • Inform your attorney of any treatment received
  • Apprise your attorney of any pre-existing injuries that may have been aggravated and how these injuries impact your lifestyle
  • Notify your attorney when your doctor discharges you from care 

Once you are released from treatment, your attorney will compile all health care records, bills, prescriptions, associated costs along with additional details to ascertain the amount of your demand, and to prepare a “demand package” to submit to your insurance company.  The insurance company responds with an initial offer of settlement, your attorney will advise you what amount is a fair offer before you decide whether to accept the offer and for what amount.

 Attorney White represented me in an auto accident me where I was involved in a head-on collision with someone driving the wrong way. I had initial issues with the other person's insurance company, as well as with my own. While we were in litigation, my insurance company was supposed to pay me for the difference between my regular salary and disability benefits, then recoup their money from the other insurance company. After reviewing my policy, Mr. White found that my insurance was not fulfilling their contractual obligation. 

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